Every technical need is covered

When you join PawTech, you can forget about tech issues.



We offer a full-service Helpdesk with all our management plans that can quickly troubleshoot your clinics day to day issues and keep you focused on providing the best quality of medicine that you can.


Remote Support

Gone are the days where you had to schedule a convenient time for both you and a technician to meet and discuss a problem with a workstation. We offer full remote support to all our clients at no additional charge.


Clinic Design Consultation

Let us help you and make sure that your wonderful new practice is set up to meet your needs now and in the future.


Communications Solutions

Whether you have 1 location or 10, are always in the clinic or always on the road, our comprehensive integration solutions can allow you and your staff to to share information and communication effortlessly between all of your locations letting your staff have full access to your patients entire history, no matter where you see them.



We offer training and workflow optimizations for how your practice management software operates with all the other devices in your hospital.


Vendor Interface

Instead of dragging your technician away from income generating activities to have them sit on the phone with a vendor support line for hours, simply open a ticket with your assigned system administrator and let us take care of the issue while you take care of your patients! (Included on all managed plans)


Workflow Assessments

Imagine if you could take a part of your day that you do 25 times and it takes you 5 minutes each time, how much more productive could you and your staff be if that only took 15 seconds from now on? Let us examine your workflow and get you


Business Continuity Planning

What would you do if the power went out for your practice? Or if building was struck by lightning and all of your equipment is no longer functional? How long can your practice survive without your medical records, a day? A week? What if you could take advantage of options that would keep that number well under an hour?