We help clinics at all stages of life

Whether you are starting-up or a mature clinic - PawTech has the solutions to help you start growing, or grow even bigger.


General Practice

As general practitioners you have enough to worry about with keeping your practice well versed in almost all facets of veterinary medicine, as such you need a team of professionals who are experienced with everything from your in practice analyzers, to digital imaging solutions, to endoscopic processors, and all of the many integration solutions that you use every day to keep your practice thriving.


Corporate Practice / Management Groups

We join together to leverage group purchasing power for all other aspects of our business, so why wouldn’t we look for the same type of benefits in our support structure? Feel free to reach out and see if your group has special rates with us. Management groups, please feel free to reach out and see how we can keep all of your practices safe and secure.


Start-Up Clinics

Whether you have just opened your doors, or you plan to open them later in the year, we can work with you to make sure that you functioning as ideally as possible for opening day.


Mobile Practices

We can ensure that all of your practices data is completely safe and secure either in our private hosted cloud, or with the provider of your choosing. We can also track and make sure that if any mobile device is ever lost or stolen, that all of your client and patient information is secure and kept away from prying eyes.


Practice Groups / Multi-Location Hospitals

Whether you have 2 locations or 10, our comprehensive integration solutions can allow you and your staff to to share information and communication effortlessly between all of your locations letting your staff have full access to your patients entire history, no matter where you see them.